Home is where I rest my head.

I caught the travel bug at a young age. I blame my love of water, my eccentric ways, and my gypsy lifestyle on the fact I was born an  Aquarius. By the age of 19 I spread my wings and became a flight attendant for Delta. I love embracing cultures, meeting new people, and adventure.

I’ve traveled around the world three times and have had the blessed opportunity to visit 15 countries in the past few years.  I love to share my travel tips and insight with like minded people. It is never too late to plan your dream trip. It took me  years to save up for a two month journey alone to Costa Rica. I was lucky enough to meet the man of my dreams I call my husband aka, my never ending fling.

Taste the world.

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One thought on “Travel

  1. I am crazy for the ocean and love the idea of all of us get in to he habit when visiting the ocean to respect it by taking our trash with us to recycle. Thank you Travel N Turner for those beautiful images.


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