Getting skunked is worse than punked

They are cute and fuzzy and and are known to mark their territory with a stench that could linger for weeks.


Anyone who has ever had their pet skunk first handily knows the pain and agony that accompanies being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Their spray consists of oils that contaminate clothing, fur, and household items lasting for weeks before subsiding. Last fall my husband texted me bring home tomato juice after work, Zema my puppy had gotten skunked trying to protect our yard. When I got home our house reeked of skunk. My husband tried to wash Zema with Dove soap which left her wet and even stinkier if that was possible. The tomato juice worked a little bit, but she still smelled for weeks.

February through March is mating season for skunks. And while they are out and about all year long, we tend to have run ins with them more in the fall due to the “fall shuffle.” Fall is when the young leave the nest for the first time, exploring the world on their own. Adults spend more time venturing out to search for food for their winter dens.

In the fall I don’t let my dog roam free in our fenced yard unsupervised after dusk. We now keep garbage locked up and away from the house.

While your pooch might like the idea of drinking some of the juice, tomato juice can be messy and doesn’t always work when reducing the smell of skunk. If your pet happens to get skunked and the tomato juice isn’t doing the trick here are some options you can try

The first is a product found at Petco. It claims to uses.a bio-enzymatic formula to break down skunk oils. It has mixed reviews, but I would be willing to give it a try not that I am hoping i have to.

Another solution that has been known to work is a homemade solution using cheap and basic components you can make right at home for under $10.

      • 1 quart 3% hydrogen peroxide (typical drugstore hydrogen peroxide)
      • ¼ cup baking soda
      • 1-2 teaspoons liquid dish soap.
    • Mix and do not add water.
    • This solution can be used to wash skin, clothes, dogs, etc. that have been sprayed by skunks. It must be used immediately and won’t work if it’s been stored.  Thoroughly work it into the fur or fabric and leave it on for 5 minutes before rinsing. The peroxide in the solution may lighten fabrics or your pet’s fur.

“Maybe they won’t figure it out.”

Winter animals that will turn you into mush

The snow is beginning to fall won’t you come out and play?

It’s always a good idea to dress warm…

Monkeying around is my favorite thing to do.

After a long day a nap is in order.

Sometimes winter gets the best of us.

And all we want to do is lounge around…

It’s not always great hair days.

But it will be spring before we know it.

We can enjoy skipping outside.

Enjoying the garden.

And relaxing outside with friends.

 Embrace the winter, because spring is right around the corner.

Happy Holidays!

Why I love my cockapoo

I am a lover all of animals, but when it came to choosing a puppy I was so confused on which breed was right for me. I did endless online quizzes. While all puppies are ridiculously cute, I tend to go for medium and larger dog breeds. I’m just not a pooch in the purse type of girl. I need a snuggle buddy and a jogging buddy.


I grew up with hearty life loving Labradors. My roommate had the sweetest Pitt Bull Jasmine, and I once had a pot belly Pug. My husband never grew up with animals and it was almost a breaking point when I found out he preferred cats over dogs! What would become of this relationship?

He had a scary incident as a child with an dog attacking him. As much as I wanted to adopt a rescue dog, I knew our first one needed to be something he could raise as a puppy with a calm demeanor so he could bond with the rascal. I agreed we would get a kitten the same week as the pup. He wanted a Garfield kitty and I drove hours to find him one just a few weeks before our cockapoo was allowed to come home. It was the best decision ever. These two are in love with each other. They clean each other, play together, eat together, sleep together. It’s simply amazing!


20141031_150353 (2)

At first when I was on my search for the perfect fit for our household I had a few prerequisites:

  • Didn’t shed or shed very little. After living with Labs and Pugs I knew I didn’t want hair everywhere.
  • A medium sized dog that loves to snuggle and jog.
  • A quiet dog no little yappers or howlers allowed.
  • Family friendly for when that day comes.
  • Not prone to anxiety home alone.
  • White or light colored coat.

I fell in love with the Wheaton Terrior. I knew this was the dog for me. It looked like a giant teddy bear.


But there is something in that face that is pure mischevious. Everytime I would meet a Wheaton on a walk I would ask the owner  my normal questions. Do you love him? Is she hard to train? I’d always get the same answer, oh yes she’s cute, but she’s a “Wheaten.” They are known to be slightly less orniery than typical terriers, but they are jumpers, stubborn, and get hyper. My friend who had Airedales her whole life reassured me I don’t want a terrier. That’s when I came across forums saying they were Wheaten Terrors. That’s when my Wheaten bubble burst. What was I getting myself into?!

I looked into a few other breeds

The Tibetan Terrier    


and the Portuguese Water Dog 


But something was missing. Then I came across a classic hybrid the Cockapoo or as others would call it a mutt.




And I love my mutt! She is the perfect mix. Cockerspaniels alone can get grumpy and snappy as they get older. Poodles seemed either too large or too small, and maybe too smart for their own good. They are also very energetic and need lots of grooming on a regular basis.

These two breeds together was the perfect match for what we were looking for in a dog. Now every breed and dog personality is different, and training does affect how the dog grows up, but in general I love this breed!

I had the first pick of the litter and we wanted a white female. She was the last of 8 pups to be born, which were all black males.


  • She was the runt so she is very submissive yet loving. Cockapoos can range between 15-30 pounds depending on their parents genetics. She was a cross of a first generation working cockerspaniel and a cockapooo (min poodle and english cocker) Her one year checkup weight was a whole 17 pounds so she is on the smaller side. At first I wanted her to get taller and bigger, but after having her a puppy I was enjoying the small stage. She is the perfect size, a large small dog.
  • She can be left alone for hours when I need to leave. Ever since she was a puppy we left her alone and didn’t crate her. Only recently did she start some chewing of a few things (pillows, shoes) but she is in her rebelous teenager phase.
  • She loves to play and run. We have a fenced in acre yard she loves to patrol and romp around. She can easily run a few miles with me, yet in the house all she does is a little wrestling with the kitty, and tons of snuggles and sleeping.
  • She is not a barker. When she needs to go out she waits by the door. If a stranger comes she will do a few barks, but she isn’t a typical yapper.
  •  She knows her basic commands. She even knows when it is bed time and goes to her room at 10pm to sleep.
  • Potty training wasn’t too difficult. We brought her home in October then we had the worst winter. -10 F that lasted from November and snow until May. Thanks Canada. So the real potty training didn’t start until the spring, but now she goes outside on a regular basis and only does her “accidents” in one section in the basement, so I’m not complaining.
  • Her hair, she doesn’t have fur, is so soft and silky. I don’t really comb it, but every few weeks I trim it with scissors and she loves her grooming time. I take her to the proper groomer twice a year for a good shave in the spring and fall. It’s normally $30 bucks each time for a wash, cut, and blow dry.
  • She isn’t aggressive. Never say never, but I could never see her snapping or biting someone.
  • She is independent, yet if I’m home will follow me to every room and nap near me. Her and the cat usually find time to snuggle together.

I am all for saving rescue dogs. If you are able to adopt, volunteer, or donate, its a very noble thing to do because every dog deserves a loving home. Now that I broke in my husband our next pooch will be a shelter dog, but if you need a hypoallergenic dog, I really do love mixing a cocker spaniel with a poodle.


This is Zema at 12 weeks. She looks the same, oh those sad eyes lol, but is a bit taller and chubbier.

Zema means winter in Russian.

She is 20 inches nose to rump, 15 inches high and 17 pounds.

She moans…a lot. When she stretches, sleeps, gets cozy, she’s a moaner.

She loves eating cat food and playing with the cat’s toy mice.  The cat on the other hand loves raw hides and balls.

The working dog in her, she loves chasing birds and skunks …:{

She is scared of toddlers, she thinks they are some sort of animal her size.

She loves being loved and sleeping.

I love my cockapoo!




Wedding Dress for less



For a girl that has gotten married three times to the same guy, wedding dress hunting is not always an easy job. I decided to take my chances when it came to finding the gown, because no dresses really spoke to me, and the thought of dumping thousands on a dress I wear once just killed me. I ordered a custom gown based off a style I chose from a China Factory off

There are tons of factories, but they all have different reviews. I chose one with a customer feedback of 97% and higher positive. I gave them my exact measurements and they custom made my dress in less than 45 days. The dresses fit perfectly no alternations needed and I didn’t feel guilty when someone stepped on my gown, I spilled a little sauce, and only wore it once. With shipping each dress was under $140 bucks. I figured if it didn’t work out I could always wear it around the house or chop it into a cocktail dress, but luckily it worked and I could save my funds for a vacation.

Snout Soother

Winter is right around the corner. Dogs can get chapped noses and paws in the brutal weather. Imagine if  you had to go to the bathroom a few times a day outside in a blizzard. Snout Soozer is an organic all natural remedy for your beloved furry friend. The edible and natural ingredients are:  Organic Unrefined Shea Nut Butter, Organic Hempseed Oil, Kukui Nut Oil, Organic Sweet Almond Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Candelilla Wax, Rosemary Extract, Natural Vitamin E. For $19.95 it’s a snout saver.

My snuggle buddies

Meet Sparky and Zema. Never in a million years did I think I would get another cat. My husband would say the same about getting a dog. I told him for years I was “allergic” to cats, but after getting allergy testing the truth came out… I just wasn’t a crazy cat lady. He on the other hand had a bad experience with dogs and swore up and down no dog would ever like him. We met half way and decided to adopt a kitten and a puppy the same week. While it may sound crazy at first, it was a very smart decision. Not only did they bond immediately, but they love and entertain each other. Sparky the cat is the body guard and calls all the shots as he is the king of the house. Zema is the lovable female runt. She is submissive and quite a  snuggle bug. Sparky got his name after his first night at home where he burned off half his whiskers in a candle. Zema means winter in Russian. She is a Cockapoo and doesn’t shed which makes cleaning the house slightly easier.