My go to ski skin survival products

Although I love trying new products, I’m pretty basic when it comes to my daily face regimen. I use a seabuckthorn exfoliating face bar to wash and a variety of exotic oils for moisturizing my skin such as Argan, Rosehip, Tamanu, and one of my favorites Goji.

When I do sports I tend to kick it up a notch and add a few extra protective barriers to help protect my skin from harsh conditions like wind while skiing, the scorching sun and salt water while surfing, and bug bites while horseback riding.


I recently started ski lessons in Canada. At first, I thought ok it’s cold, but I’ll only be outside an hour and a half max. How much can a little wind and cold air hurt my skin? Well in 5 degree weather it can do a lot pretty quickly. My face was an awful mixture of super dry and rosy for nearly three days after.

I’m lucky to have a best friend who has a little makeup and product addiction. She probably owns shares of Sephora by now. She will buy hundreds of dollars worth of products and try them once and move on. Luckily, she is nice enough to pass them down to me. In my pile of new products I found a gem of skin serum, that I will now have to buy since it works amazing!

Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield,  is a light weight protecting serum that works with every skin type. It is marketed as a face primer, and it has a 30 SPF broad shield spectrum. Not only is this product hypoallergenic but it is also vegan! It has a thick velvety texture that looks natural and literally fills in fine lines while acting as a protecting barrier to the harsh conditions of the ski hill.

Image result for murad broad spectrum

For my lips I’ve been using EOS chapstick in mint. I prefer the regular shape packaging and love the refreshing zest of the mint

. Image result for eos lip balm chapstick

After I survive the slope I go home and take a bath with Eucalyptus and Oatmeal mix.

Image result for bath salts eucalyptus mix

I finish off my Sunday Slopes beauty spa with a coconut treatment in my hair and Argan oil  silk lotion by Moroccan Life Products on my body.

Love it!

Edible Argan health and beauty in a nutshell

Argan oil, a rare yet high in demand oil grown exclusively in Morocco is also known as liquid gold for its beauty and healing properties. Argania Spinosa, is the tree that produces the fruit Argan oil is derived from. The trees can live up to 350 years and require no cultivation, therefore making their oil organic. The use of the oil dates back to written history of the Berber tribes who reaped its benefits in the modern day region of Arganeraie.


Recently it has been used in the cosmetic industry for its beauty and skin healing attributes. Women swear by it as it miraculously makes their stretch marks disappear. Moroccans have implemented it into their diet for centuries, thus inspiring world wide studies, research, and clinical trials into this unique edible oil.

Companies such as Morrocan Oil, New Roots Herbal, Organix, and Josie Maran have imported, manufactured, and marketed cosmetic Argan in North America with much success, but most consumers are unaware there is an edible version of this oil, that goes the distance with health management while promoting beauty from within.

Edible Argan oil is a complex oil, packed with a high concentration of active essential fatty acids at 80%. It is rich in antioxidants, squalene, sterols, polyphenols, prostaglandins, carotenoids, omegas 3 & 6, vitamin e, and ferulic acid which all contribute to a number of health and beauty benefits.

  • Beautiful hair, skin, & nails from within.
  • Reduces high blood pressure.
  • Dissolves bad cholesterol while promoting good cholesterol.
  • Stimulates circulation which assists in a higher sex drive.
  • Boosts the immune system.
  • Neutralizes free radicals with its antioxidant properties. Assists in digestive functioning.
  • Blood glucose management Relieves rheumatism and joint problems such as arthritis while acting as an anti inflammatory.
  • Prevents cardiovascular disease.
  • Assists in preventing terminal diseases & age degenerated cancers.

The edible version of Argan oil is harvested at co-operatives that extract the sun dried seeds, employing a labor intensive artisanal method. Approximately 100 kg of Argan fruit is required to yield a single liter of edible Argan oil.


The oil is roasted to give it a delicious warm and nutty flavor, then cold pressed to sustain all nutritive quality. The oil can be used as a cooking component while sataying fresh vegetables, and meats, added as a salad dressing or used as a pure cooking oil.


If you are an on the go person, or simply prefer taking natural supplements, Moroccan Life Products, A Canadian company recently launched Edible Argan Softgels in North America.

tiny argansoftge4ls

The softgels are great because they can be easily implemented into a busy persons routine, and taken on the go.
The perks of edible Argan go beyond health and beauty. While users may reap the benefits of this mysterious oil, they will also have a sense of being, since purchasing Argan supports the hard working women of Morocco who run the co-operatives.

My mom who has a history of high cholesterol stopped taking her pharmaceuticals and replaced it with these softgels for three months. When she had her cholesterol checked it had gone down from 232 to 168, needless to say her doctor was impressed. I have baby fine hair and find that when I use oils such as Moroccan Oil or heavy conditioners my hair feels greasy and falls flat. I now take Argan softgels on a regular basis as a source of omegas and vitamin e. I find that my skin is more supple, and my hair feels stronger and healthier.

Health is beauty, Argan heals from within.


Fragrance evolution

For as long as I can remember I have been a scent bandit. At the early age of four I would sneak into my grandmother’s vanity and raid her beauty and perfume collection. I could never get enough of all her Avon products. I’m sure some of you remember your first go to scent.

Mine was Primo body spray and I just couldn’t get enough of it. The smell of Primo brings me back to the age of 10 when I had my first trip to New York City. When I smell a wiff of it flashes of New York in the 80’s come to mind. It is like I just time traveled back to New York in 86′, I can smell of chestnuts roasting on the streets.


As I got older my scent tastes evolved onto something as I thought was luxurious. My best friend used to wear Elizabeth Arden Red Door daily. A gift from her grandma she was nice enough to share with me. We felt sexy and older, I’m sure we smelled it too.

It is funny how a scent can remind you of the past.

A day at the beach with the ladies.

Your first prom.

That time when you had that awesome job in the city.


That kiss with the man of your dreams.


By the time I had a part time job in high school and could afford to buy my own scents the fragrances that I normally were inclined to buy were more of a clean and crisp nature. I probably wore Ralph Cool until my mid twenties, and I actually still like the scent, but as time moved on it was time to switch it up, evolve a bit more with a scent that works well for me.

For my wedding my bestie gave me a fragrance she thought would work well with me. Who knows you better than your best friend. If they are a true friend they will tell you when your favorite outfit is “tacky” and when your new perfume should be tossed out and never worn again.

She chose for me, Hermes Un Jardin En Mediterranee. While it wasn’t a fragrance I would normally purchase, it’s a bit more earthier with a slight musk, I’ve fallen in love with it and it works well with my fragrance chemistry.

It is light enough for work or daily wear, yet different and enchanting. It makes my old clean Ralph Lauren scent seem boring, and yet it isn’t completely floral or musky. It has light citrus tones and it a bit woodsy and spicy, without being masculine or over bearing.

My husband surprised me with another new fragrance I like that I normally wouldn’t buy. I asked him if he chose it for the name (he’s French) but he told me he actually tried and smelled a variety before picking out my scent (too cute!) J’adore from Dior is more of a muskier scent, but it doesn’t remind me of an old lady or floral garden. It is a very sensual aroma blended with exotic orchids, Jasmine, and ylang ylang. While I would tend to wear it more in the fall or winter it still is a versatile fragrance.


If you are looking for a new scent on the market here are a few great fragrances that were launched in 2014 and a few sneak peaks at the up and coming 2015 launches!

  1. Knot by Bottega Venata, Think sweet and musty with clementine and orange blossom undertones. It is a very subtle and clean scent without smelling like soap. It has natural woodsy undertones. Great for spring and summer, think crisp pressed linen dresses and open toed sandals.
  2. Eros Pour Femme, by Vercace, Eros is the God of love, and this feminine fragrance will leave most women lusting for more and the men lusting for the woman wearing it. Blended with peony, sandalwood, pomegranate and ambrox this fragrance is a strong musky scent. This is something for an evening cocktail party.
  3. Wild Glo by J Lo, This perfume is for women who love all things sweet, and that’s what it is composed of. I’m a fan of J Lo fragrances. This one is one the sweet and flirty side, great for weekend nights out on the town or warm weather trips. It is made up of Vanilla, tropical fruits, mandarin, jasmine, and black currant.
  4. La Collection des Essences by Ellie Sab, Gardenia is a woody floral tone. It has the best of both worlds and is great for every day wear.

2015 is right around the corner so keep a look out for these up and coming new scents!

  1. Escada Torquoise Summer
  2. Zac Posen
  3. Shanghai Tang
  4. Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey City Blossom
  5. UK-based niche line Shay & Blue will launch Watermelons, a new fresh green fragrance, in March. The notes include watermelon, green mandarin, honeysuckle, crushed leaves, green tea and vetiver. Sounds divine!

Watermelons by Shay & Blue

What is your favorite scent?

Organic Piercing Therapy

If you are a piercing addict or a rookie getting your ears pierced for the first time piercing aftercare and maintenance plays a huge role in how your piercing heals.


In general for piercings there are basic do’s and don’ts.

Good Things to Do:

Leave the piercing alone unless you are cleaning it.   NO PLAYING

Take a multi-vitamin with zinc and vitamin C for faster healing.

Make sure your bedding is clean and changed frequently while healing.

Leave jewelry in at all times.  Even old and well-healed piercings can shrink in a matter of minutes.  If your jewelry must be temporarily removed (such as for a medical procedure)

If you suspect you have an infection, contact your piercer immediately.

Don’t Do This:

Don’t use Bacitracin, Neosporin, Rubbing Alcohol, Peroxide, Hibiclens, or Betadine. These products will hinder healing and cause more harm than good!

Avoid submerging your piercings in dirty water, such as pools, lakes and Hot-tubs.   If you have to go in the water, make sure you cover your piercing with a breathable, non-water permeable wound sealant such as Tegaderm or Clean Seals (found at your local drugstore).

Avoid sleeping on your piercing during healing and any other undue stress.


Don’t change out starter jewelry until piercing is fully healed unless otherwise advised by your piercer.

Every piercer advises their preferred method of piercing aftercare. Some recommend washing with a diluted soap and warm water, others recommend rinsing with a saline wash and sell aftercare products such as H20 piercing after spray.

While H20 piercing is a great way to initially cleanse the piercing, it at times can dry up the piercing causing scar tissue to form, infections, and problems healing. This results in either repiercing or taking the piercing out totally. There is a new product on the market called, Organic Piercing Therapy, and it works wonders for new piercings, stretching of the holes, and piercing moisturizing and maintenance. It was formulated by piercers and a naturopath team, and contains no harmful chemicals, parabens, irritants, or creams.


Organic Piercing Therapy, is made from all natural organic ingredients, each ingredient serves a different purpose for healing piercings. It not only acts as an antibacterial agent, but protects against scarring and heals infections. A few drops is all you need and it absorbs quickly. You can purchase it at

Here are the ingredients and how they heal naturally.

Pierce, heal, repeat!



Fractionated Coconut Oil- The benefits of coconut oil are attributed to the presence of lauric acid, capric acid, and caprylic acid. The human body converts lauric acid into monolaurin which is claimed to help deal with viruses and bacterial infections in piercings. When applied to the skin it forms a layer which protects the piercing from harmful bacteria, dust, and fungi. It repairs the skin tissues and helps heal bruising.

Agrimony- This mild all natural astringent not only protects against infection, but slows down bleeding in piercings aiding in the healing process.

Comfrey- Works as a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory. Its proper name Sympthytum means to heal, and this herb has been used in healing since the ancient times. It’s been used for centuries for healing bones. Scientific research has shown that the healing effects of comfrey are comparable to allatoin, a compound shown to speed up cell production and repair.

White Willow Bark-The oldest recorded use of white willow bark dates back to the Chinese physicians in 500 BC. The bark contains salicin which the body converts to salicylic acid. This is the same compound acetylsalicylic found in Asprin.

Gotu Kola-  This herb is a great blood vessel strengthener. It is an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory, and also works very well in repairing and reducing scars, collagen synthesis, and skin regeneration. Gotu Kola is a very effective herb in preventing and reducing keloid scars as a resulting from infections and problematic piercings.

Chickweed-  Is known for its cooling properties. It is known to reduce dryness and itching associated with the healing process of piercings, while keeping skin moist. It also works well with skin burns, minor irritations, and rashes.

Yarrow- Aids in healing by stopping bleeding naturally encouraging blood clotting. It also expels toxins, which prevent infections.

Goldenseal- The root of goldenseal contains berberine and hydrastine which gives it a wide spectrem of antibacterial protections. This root wards off infection, letting the piercing heal and repair.

Speedwell-This plant reduces itching associated with the healing process.

Tea Tree Oil-  This oil is an all purpose astringent, known for fighting fungal infections, bacteria, and wounds. It dissolves pus without damaging the skin, while also aiding in skin regeneration.

Sea Buckthorn oil- Promotes healing and restoration of skin irritants primarily burns, sun damage, and open wounds. It is filled with many healing components such as large amounts of vitamin e, beta carotene, and omegas 3,6,9. It has natural UVA protectors which work well for new tattoos and piercings.

Tamanu Oil-  Is an oil found in the South Pacific, that works well for skin and muscle irritations. It serves as an anti-inflammatory and is is the only oil known to be able to be absorbed through all 3 layers of the skin. It reduces pain and begins working as soon as it is absorbed into the skin.

Grapeseed oil- Is a natural preservative extending shelf life of the product while keep piercings nourished.

Vitamin E- While acting as a natural preservative, vitamin e protects against dust and infections while repairing and reducing scar tissue.

Safflower- This natural moisturizing agent contains linoleic acid which help maintains the skin’s elasticity, which works well for stretching holes.

Skin Scrubs for winter

As the seasons change so does our skin. A little bit of maintenance goes a long way in preserving skin tissue. Exfoliation is an excellent way to not only prevent dryness and flakiness but promote cell renewal and elasticity in the skin.

Here is a winter inspired DIY skin scrub recipe I use for my natural skincare line, Moroccan Life Products. I’ll add links to where to purchase the raw materials. If you are not into making your own products here scroll below for few links of great skin scrubs that work wonders.

You will need a metal bowl, wooden spoon, and measuring utensils.

1 cup of dead sea salt (fine)

1/2 cup of dendritic salt

1/2 cup of dead sea salt (ultrafine)

1/3 cup of crushed apricot shells

1/3 cup of luffa

mix all these ingredients together. Add carrier oils. I love fractionated coconut oil for its diversity. It is light, non greasy, and has an excellent shelf life. I use this in all of my products. Add 1/3 cup of fractionated coconut oil and 1/4th cup of grapeseed oil as a preservative. If you want to add another carrier oil such as Argan oil, or Jojoba it can be added as well. If the solution is too runny you can add more dendritic salt until you get the texture you want. If you want a very liquidy solution add some water normally 4-6  tablespoons will do the job. Coffee grinds are also a great exfoliating element if you want to add them to your solution. After your scrub is fully mixed you can add some natural essential oils. These oils are more potent and strong, so you only need a few drops, if you add too many it can irritate the skin. Below is some great combos that are refreshing for the winter season.

Cedarwood Atlas, Laurel Leaf, and Davana, for a very herby yet fresh outdoor mountain scent. This will wake up your senses.

Lemongrass, sweet basil, and grapefruit, is a relaxing and citrus coed smell.

Rosemary, spearmint, and eucalyptus is a zesty clean smell.

Sandlewood, ylang ylang, and jasmine are soft florals a bit of musk, and very feminine.

If you don’t mind some synthetic scents you can blend them with essentials as well. I love these scents from New Directions Aromatics and they only cost around $2-3 for a 1 ounce sample. You only need 10 – 12 drops so one ounce goes the distance when it comes to making natural products.

Bamboo and Teak: Think of a warm sauna, sexy and cozy. A rich and luxurious aroma with hints of sandalwood, cedar wood, musk, floral and sweet fruit.

Hawaiian Lei: This reminds me of the W Hotel Bliss spa, its devine. A delicate blend of gardenia and plumeria with top citrus notes of orange and lime ending with base notes of light vanilla.

Maple Sugar: Is simple yet sweet.  Enjoy the aroma of sweet, warm maple sugar and butter. This scent is extremely rich, complex, and long lasting.

Woodland Themes: Similar to my first essential oil combo, yet a fraction of the price, it is earthy yet refreshing. A fresh, warm woody fragrance. Ozone floral top notes with citrus and balsam. Heart notes of spice, cedarwood and eucalyptus. Musk and moss at the base.

These skin scrubs go the distance:

For a feminine and soft skin scrub try Ramburi Yang Ylang and Jasmine Salt Scrub. $15.25

*New* Ramburi (Thailand) Ylang Ylang & Jasmine Salt Scrub 250ml (8.45oz)

Double Love Scrub uses pink Himalayan salts. $24

Tree Hut firming sugar scrub is just that, it is sweet and promotes elasticity with its Macadamia oil, Evening prime rose oil and caffeine.

Moroccan Life Products, Sahara Sea Salt is a product from my personal product line. It is  with based with sea salt, Mediterranean luffa, walnut shell, and African honey. The lavish botanicals of Morocco, Argan, Wild Verbana, Thyme, Spearmint, Myrtle, and Eucalyptus will nourish skin while promoting cell renewal. $19.00


There are basic skin fundamentals to keeping your skin supple and healthy in harsh weather conditions.

First and foremost is water. You can never really get enough as water and skin care go hand and hand. It should be a staple element in your daily regimen. Not only does water prevent dehydration which causes lack of tone and wrinkles in the skin, but it flushes out toxins both consumed and airborne. Water also assists in carrying nutrients to our vital organs.

Second is sunscreen. Sunscreen is both effective and necessary all seasons of the year. In winter the suns rays are just as harsh as in the summer and they reflect off of the snow. The same goes for cloudy days, so applying sunscreen on a regular basis will help prevent future breakdown of cellular tissue.

Exfoliation is an effective habit that not only washes away dry skin and flakiness, but promotes healthy skin and cell renewal. Citric acid is a powerful antioxidant that stimulates collagen production. Exfoliation enhances the skin’s elasticity which results in firmer radiant skin and also prevents stretch marks.

Proper moisturizer is essential during the winter season. Our skin is exposed to harsher conditions even if we barely go outside. Inside the air is dryer, while outside the wind, rain, and snow all can have negative affects on our skin. A thicker moisturizer can add extra protection which will preserve the skin long term.

Natural oils are amazing on your face and body. I am a huge fan of Tamanu, Sea buckthorn oil, and Argan. I never breakout, my skin looks healthy and the compliments I receive prove that the results are visible. Using natural oils on a regular basis literally melts my wrinkles away. The great aspect about using oils is that the results are rather quick. Normally I see changes in under ten days, and they carry no harmful chemicals. Check out my post on natural oils.

Rooted Beauty Facial Wipes

Sometimes our skin just needs a little pick me up. Maybe you were running around the office and broke out a tiny sweat or your makeup is starting to fade off at the end of the day. Rooted Beauty is a fantastic new and natural product line on the market. Not only are their products made from natural ingredients, but the packaging is fun, bright, and environmentally kind. The products are produced in a solar powered facility and the packaging is recyclable. They go above and beyond by supporting women around the world with Women2Women, a skincare project that assists women of poverty and trafficking. You can check out the current projects on each project and the woman the funding assists.

I came across Rooted Beauty’s Raspberry Citrus facial wipes during a trip. The wipes are refreshing and have green coffee antioxidants in them. Witch Hazel is one of the main ingredients which protects against bacteria and blemishes. The aloe vera found in these wipes creates a natural sheen on my face. You can purchase them online on their website or find a selected heath food store or pharmacy near you on their store locator link.


Natural makeup


This is a throw back photo, but an example of using natural tones for a clean every day look. I blot a small amount of a light tinted moisturizer across my fast and dust with Clinique Super double powder in Matte Honey. This light / medium tone has a touch of red undertones which works well for my skin tone.

I brush a small amount of bronzer on my upper cheekbones.

I fill in my eyebrows with Cover Girl espresso click up liner. I’ve been using this liner religiously for over 15 years since I accidentally shaved off my brows by mistake. (My best friend was borrowing my tweezers)

I base my eye lid and brow with a neutral cream base, then accentuate my brow bone with a medium shade of brown, for some extra kick you can add a layer of a shimmer brown. I carefully line an extra thin liquid line across the top of my eye lids, and finish off with Loreal Voluminous Mascara. I tend to stay away from bright lips and use a neutral shade then top it with a gloss.






Battle of the exotic oils

The latest trend in beauty has been slathering on exotic oils all over our bodies. Some oils seem to melt wrinkles away, others fade stretch marks, and all of them promote a fresh glow, but which one do you choose when there are so many. I took the test and tried out a variety to see which oils worked the best for my skin.

There are many great benefits to using a light layer of oil  instead of a daily moisturizer. 
  • Since these oils are derived from natural substances, you know they’re healthy.
  • They’re gentle, soothing, and great for even the most sensitive skin types.
  • They’re more potent than moisturizers, which means that your skin gets a stronger dose of beneficial ingredients.  Moisturizers that “contain vitamin C” for example also contain a lot of fillers that dilute the ingredient. Creams can only carry 1% of what your skin really needs, the rest is just fillers you are over paying for.
  • They offer benefits to all skin types.
  • Save time and money.  These 2-in-1 products are treatment + moisturizers.
  • Believe it or not, they often feel less greasy (they absorb faster) than traditional moisturizers.  And they smell very nice.
  • You can use them anywhere on your body – try them as a hair treatment, makeup remover, or cuticle moisturizer too.

Tamanu oil, is a dark green oil found in a warm tropical setting in the deep pacific. The oil is a bit on thicker side, and if you hold it up to natural light you will see beautiful natural sparkles in the oil, almost like a magical shimmer, but does this oil do wonders on the skin? I used it for a month straight on all different parts of my body. It had the ability to heal cuts and scrapes quickly without leaving a scar. It was a bit thicker so harder to spread across large regions of my body. I used it on my face at night, it almost immediately absorbed into my thirsty face. After a week and a half of using it I noticed my fine lines starting to fade away, and my skin felt smooth and supple. It healed some pimples too without causing new ones.
The oil of tamanu contains three basic classes of lipids, neutral lipids, glycolipids, and phospholipids. The oil also contains a unique fatty acid called calophyllic acid, and a novel antibiotic lactone and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent called calophyllolide. These and other components of tamanu oil, including anti-inflammatory coumarins, account for some of the oil’s beneficial activity.It also works as an anti anflammitory. This oil can be used as simply as an over night moisturizer, or a healing component for cuts, burns, bruises, and acne.

Seabuckthorn oil, comes from a tiny berry found in the north parts of China and Russia. It thrives on dry cold weather, and is packed full of fatty acids, caretenoids, sterols and vitamin C. It has natural uv protecters in it. Seabuckthorn oil is a bright orange color, and on the lighter greasy side. It has the ability to heal scars, while promoting new collogen growth. It works well on dry skin, and the face, leaving a healthy glow, and when added a few drops to shampoo and conditioner it is an excellent hair repair oil.

Argan oil, the secret of the Morcoccans. Known as liquid gold, this oil is light, quickly absorbed into skin and works wonders on stretch marks, brittle hair, and skin. You can slather it all over your body for baby smooth skin as it spreads easily and it is light in color. It can be applied in the morning as it isn’t as greasy as other oils. This oil also comes in an edible version, which is packed full of essential fatty acids, sterols, polyphenols, caretenoids, vitamin e, and squalene a natural immune booster.

Goji seed oil, comes from the goji berry, is a light yellow color. It is a bit on the greasy side, but works well with skin regeneration and cell renewal. I recommend adding it to various creams you are already using, so it doesn’t leave a greasy shine on your face. A few drops into your daily moisturizing is all you need for that extra boost in skin therapy.

Rosehip oil, is a great light daily moisturizer. It absorbs fast allowing skin to dry quickly in the morning for makeup application. I dab a few drops on my forehead and under my eyes every morning for that extra glow.
All in all these oils do work wonders when used on a regular basis. I can’t just pick one, but my two top oils would be the Argan oil and the Tamanu oil. You can find these oils online in the $12-17 price range, and at local health food stores.

Photo: Fall is here! Time to pamper my skin with exotic oils. Argan is great for the face and body. Tamanu works well as a night moisturizer and skin irritation healer, and Rosehip is my daily go to facial oil.

Best face bar ever!

Although I am loyal to some beauty products, hence I’ve been using the same mascara religiously since i was 12, I love trying new products. When it comes to my skin type I’m lucky it is a pretty simple medium complexion/ combination skin. Sure if I slather on layer of heavy makeup and cream I might get a breakout, but for the most part it’s a blank canvas for experimenting with new products. I’ve never had a daily regimen per say for my facial care. Noxema, Dove Bar, a little Clinique in between, toss in some samples from magazines, whatever works. It all seemed to work. It wasn’t until my husband bought me a whole box of Sibu products to try did I fall in love with the brand. Sibu specializes in Seabuckthorn products. A tiny little berry that grows in a small region in Northern China and Russia. Seabuckthorn carries many health and beauty benefits. It has natural occurring vitamin E, sterols, natural UV protectors, and antioxidants. After using this beauty bar for one month I was hooked. My skin actually looked healthier. There was a natural glow to it, less dryness, and it didn’t cause breakouts. The beauty bar has gentle exfoliates, and creates a nice sud of bubbles. Needless to say not only am I hooked, but I have to hide it from my husband. You can find it online at and natural health food stores. For $6.95 it is a beauty product that goes the distance.