Beauty Bar

My love for products started at a young age. In first grade my mother refused to let me out of the house in her makeup. What’s a girl to do? I would wait for her to leave for work before sneaking up to her makeup stash in the bathroom, and raiding her of her color palette of lipsticks, eye shadows, and blush. I then would sneak under my coat on the bus to apply enough make up to paint the Playboy mansion. Needless to say when I came home after school with emerald green eye shadow up to my brows, and ruby red lipstick smeared outside my lips and onto my teeth, my mother was pissed. I did not look like a little miss beauty pageant contestant, but something out of a sci-fi film.

This led to me making my own facial masks out of egg whites, lemon on my face to reduce those childhood freckles, and chemical burns on my face from leaving the toothpaste on my pimples on too long. Most of my hard earned allowance was spent on Bonne Bell and Cover Girl products. In 2012 my product passion inspired me to create a natural skincare line.

While I am loyal to my go to products and brands, I can’t pass up the opportunity to try a new product. Luckily products don’t take up as much space as shoes. Follow my beauty blog for updates on new products and reviews.



2 thoughts on “Beauty Bar

  1. I love your idea helping us with new products info. I also like old home made helpers like your lemons mask. Is it good idea to combine them?


    1. Soon I’ll be updating and creating homemade recipes for masks, scrubs, and oil lotions anyone can make at home. I will also add the websites where you can buy the organic supplies in bulk for less than you would pay for one product in the store.


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