End of Winter Power Salad

I used to live in the city where take out and delivery were a staple in my life. It was difficult for me in my twenties to order salads when the other options like Classic Ruben and fries, cheese melts, breakfast all day, and all the greasy appetizers were readily available and calling my name. The most I got in the fresh green category was the side of coleslaw in the small plastic container that came with my meal.

Image result for diner delivery

Fast forward ten years later, living in Canada in a community where delivery is only pizza on occasion, and two babies in I tend to strive for healthier fresh meals I can whip up quick at home. I love fresh foods that give me energy without making me feel sluggish or full.


Not only is this salad a breeze to make, it is refreshing, filling, and filled with wellness. It is a protein packed snack with added anti-oxidants, fiber, and immune boosters. I love it at the end of winter because it is refreshing to eat lighter and it still has the nutrients to protect against the last days of cold and flu season as the pomegranate has lots of vitamin c and the garlic is an immune kick starter.

I rinse small lentils and add crushed garlic, tiny amounts of cucumber, chickpeas, pomegranate seeds ( I normally buy the frozen ones and thaw quickly under warm water) and small amounts of parsley. I squeeze fresh lemon juice, olive oil, and a dash of local honey. lentil.png

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