Smithers BC, an unexpected oasis of nature, tranquility, and adventure.

Pre-baby I had the freedom to pick up and go at a moments notice. I didn’t worry about the situations surrounding travel. Present day I actually spend more time Googling and researching destinations than the time spend enjoying them. I look up tourist precautions, Zika, and child friendly zones.


I’ve been lucky enough to witness and experience some amazing cultural experiences abroad. I’ve had the chance to ride on yaks in Tibet. I’ve surfed in some renowned off the beaten path destinations, and I even held baby sloths- they are the cutest little creatures I’ve ever seen.

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My favorite part of traveling is finding like minded wanderlusters, exchanging stories and laughs, and sometimes creating life long bonds; hence, I met my Canadian adventure seeking husband abroad.


Since having a baby we’ve toned it down a few notches, and we started exploring the beauty of out backyard- Canada.

canada travel.jpg

For those of you who are in a similar mind set as I once was before actually relocating to the great North, let me tell you something. Canada is much more than Mounties on horses conversing about their favorite grade of maple syrup, hockey fanatics, igloos, and overly friendly locals.

mountie men.jpg

Yes…the locals apologize…a lot. Canadians say thank you and sorry religiously, but who wants to travel to a land full of angry jerks anyways?

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Canada is nature at its best. The air is pure. The spring water is refreshing, and the wildlife is abundant. After exploring the historical east coast of Canada, it was time to venture out west into the wild abyss of raw untouched nature.

moose canad.jpg

Smithers, BC is a picturesque town of 5,000 nestled in the Rocky mountains. With the majestic backdrop of the Hudson Bay Mountain and Babine Mountain Range, it is no wonder why films such as Eight Below, The Grey, and currently Wings over Everest have filmed here.

smithers bc photo.jpg

This versatile destination suits many interest of travelers. Whether you are in search of tranquility, nature, and solitude, or you are ready for outdoor adventures, Smithers, BC will not disappoint.  If you are looking to align yourself with nature, stay away from overly populated touristy crowds, and enjoy the perks of Canada’s nature beauty  then Smither’s BC is right for you. It is known to be a great fishing destination, and seasoned anglers travel across the globe to test there skills and luck on the rivers that flow with Steelhead and Trout.

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Big game hunters become one with nature as they hunt for bears, moose, mountain goats, and caribou. The goat population in Northern BC is 60% of the worlds goat population.

If you are an animal lover such as myself and prefer to watch the beauty of the animals in their element Smithers BC is abundant with Black bears, Grizzly bears, Mountain lions, Lynx, Moose, Deer, Timber wolves, snow owls, loons, and the mighty bald eagle.

grizzly life.jpg

Mountain biking is a great way to explore the rugged terrain of the mountains bordering the town. There is a bike rental shop in the center of town.

Image result for mountain biking smithers bc

Yogis can enjoy yoga one of the three studios in town.

Full Circle Yoga

The Yoga Loft

Luna’s fitness

Related image

I’m a huge horse lover, I pulled some friends who are beginners on a trail ride with It was a relaxing scenic ride at sunset and the horses were calm and stable throughout the ride.

Image result for smithers bc horseback mountain view adventures

If you are looking for a volunteer program the wildlife shelter accepts volunteers. They help rehabilitate wild animals such as bears, fawns, foxes, and more!

Winter outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy a variety of activities including: Snow shoe trails, snow mobile treks, ice fishing, and skiing down the groomed fluffy slopes of Hudson Bay Mountain.

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The last time we traveled to Smithers BC was at the end of July. We had a week of perfect mountain weather. The mornings were revitalizing and dewy, and the days were warm without being overly too hot to hike. Nightly, the sun dipped into the mountain range transitioning the iridescent imperial pink sunset in exchange for a magical blanket of stars. We had the perfect weather to hang out on the terrace of our rented log cabin and enjoy wine while grilling.

The town itself is quaint, but it has all the shops needed for a lovely stay. There is a local butcher, the main grocery store next to a liquor store, banks, Canadian tire, health food store, bakery, and some great local restaurants for when you want to take a break from cooking.

We enjoyed Trackside Catina for lunch. It is a smaller restaurant that fills quickly. We actually had to wait a bit longer than anticipated for the food, but the service was great and the meal was worth the wait. It has great Mexican food with healthy, vegetarian, and gluten free options.

Image result for trackside cantina smithers

Our group was traveling with a four year old, a 15 month old, and an 11 month old baby so long hikes and spontaneous adventures into the wild were limited, yet we still got to enjoy the beauty of nature and found easy hikes with the little ones.

Twin Falls has ample parking at the top, but if you can’t find parking there are spots available at the bottom of the hill. It is about a twenty five minute walk to the top with a slight incline. Once you reach the falls there are look out points and places to hang out and enjoy a picnic. We pushed our stroller up the hill and through a small trail. Once we got closer to the waterfall it was a bit tight to go further with the stroller, so we left it on the side of the trail and continued walking a few more minutes to the river.

Image result for twin falls smithers bc

There are plenty of clean lakes to swim in with clean beaches. Our little goons had fun splashing in the water while the adults relaxed enjoying the mountain views.


Our favorite part of our stay in Smithers BC was enjoying quality time with family and friends in a beautiful setting. Check out my next blog post on Jollymore Ranch! It was the perfect setting and relaxing stay with panoramic mountain views.

Jollymore Ranch Pink Sky Lodge
A luxurious new log cabin in a beautiful setting.

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