Just Be …. the best only you can be

Be the best you can be. I used to attempt to be what everyone else was either telling me I should be, or what I thought others wanted me to be like. The end result didn’t lead me further into a successful development, but endless hours of worry and doubt leading me to be uncharacteristically insecure, confused, and running in circles of what could be and what hasn’t been and may never be.


In life there will always be someone bigger than you and skinnier than you. I’ve found no matter how hard you try to succeed and goals you may accomplish, most of the time you will want more. It’s like a kid wanting everything they don’t have. This doesn’t mean not to reach for dreams or quit dreaming for that matter, because our dreams and our passions are what keeps our spark for life alive, but learn to love yourself for what you’ve done.


Maybe you haven’t done anything you can be proud of, it’s never to late to try. Appreciate the NOW and learn to live in the moment.

Be the best YOU CAN BE.

The best I can be is not doing an easy 40 minute workout that maintains my figure. I know I’ll never be blessed with pin legs like Kate Moss or Cameron Diaz, or large breasts like Salma Hayek, but if I work a bit harder and make smart culinary choices I could be closer to my best.

Here is an example of a friend who with dedication to herself transformed her body in twelve weeks for a fitness competition. She won 5th place.

Sure twelve weeks of eating right, trading in our happy hour or video games for training seems endless, but what is twelve weeks when we live for about 4,100 weeks. Sometimes I get discouraged when my career isn’t excelling in the right direction or at the right pace. It’s easy to get frusterated and give up, but those who succeed know what is is to fail and try again, they know the virtue of patience, and what it’s like to sweat through stress.

After perusing acting for seven years and life leading me in a different direction, I’ve come to the terms I will never be Julia Roberts, or even Tara Reid for that matter. In life you need to know when to call your losses and let go. I’m not saddened by it, it just wasn’t meant to be. (At least in this life time)

At this point in my life as I assess what I’ve already done and where I want to go I have to realistically look at the cards given to me and work with what I’ve got.

We’ve all been given a different set of cards of life, and it’s up to us how we play them. What makes YOU special? What do you have to offer the world and those around you?

Right now these are my cards

  • I can’t speak French, but I relocated to Montreal (Tabernac… a Quebec swear word 🙂
  • I don’t have a “degree” :{
  • I am great with people and have over 15 years of versatile work experience
  • I have no debt or bills
  • I am happily married and crazy in love
  • I have the freedom to try new things, travel, and go back to school

Right now my focus is continuing my education and learning more, just being happy with what I have, and bringing my travel and hospitality experience to the next level in a career field. I hope to find a place in the future where I can help others or animals as well.

I could sleep all day if I really wanted to. I have a small business and I work part time at night. Days where I’m in a tormental funk I could do absolutely nothing, but where would that get me? Nowhere but regret. I should have cleaned, could have ran a few miles, time would have been better spent studying or bettering myself. I love social media. It’s entertaining and it kills time, but when it kills good time and becomes a waste of time, that’s when it’s time to detox and take a step back.

Are we really bettering ourselves looking at our friends hourly posts? Will hell freeze over if we don’t respond to our friends new heels or 500th picture of their baby?


Maybe it’s better we turn off the phone or computer every once in a while and do something WORTHY OF POSTING …just saying. I’m guilty of this myself.

Being the best you can be also means letting yourself indulge at times and enjoy the simple things in life. Being the best you can be is living life with no regrets. I write this as I eat sweet potato fries with my white wine flight, but in twenty minutes I’ll be at the hotel gym and pool.

Life is balance. You need both.

These are simple ways you can better yourself on a regular basis.

  1. Wake up twenty minutes earlier. Yoga, read the news, clean, spend more time with your animals or kids.
  2. Compliment a stranger, who you may not like what your complimenting, but they need it. Positive energy is free!
  3. Learning a new word on a regular basis.
  4. Drink lots of water its our vital force.
  5. Make eye contact, connect.
  6. Find a happy place. It might be a game, gossip tv, sports, or crafts. Know how to unwind and relax.
  7. Connect with friends. Be a good friend. Real friends don’t have a reason to contact you, they just miss you.
  8. Volunteer, helping others less fortunate is so rewarding!
  9. Find humor, as laughter is the best medicine and it’s contagious.
  10. Learn to laugh at yourself.
  11. Make goals and check them off. Make 1-5 year plans. It can be work goals, personal goals, or just plain fun …travel inspirations or things you want to buy. But it’s a future plan that motivates you to push forward.

Know your personal pro and cons and deal with them.

For Example: Anger issues/aggressive driving    Food allergies/overly sensitive (though these people never admit it)

Mine are: Dairy makes me cough. It’s not life threatening, and I love cheese, but I have to choose if that slice is worth it. I am so impatient. I need to breathe and relax more. I have OCD. It may be great for me, but maybe not my husband, one thing out of order drives me insane.

Life’s a journey, enjoy the ride.

Appreciate the moments that bring you to all your tomorrows.

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