Wedding Dress for less



For a girl that has gotten married three times to the same guy, wedding dress hunting is not always an easy job. I decided to take my chances when it came to finding the gown, because no dresses really spoke to me, and the thought of dumping thousands on a dress I wear once just killed me. I ordered a custom gown based off a style I chose from a China Factory off

There are tons of factories, but they all have different reviews. I chose one with a customer feedback of 97% and higher positive. I gave them my exact measurements and they custom made my dress in less than 45 days. The dresses fit perfectly no alternations needed and I didn’t feel guilty when someone stepped on my gown, I spilled a little sauce, and only wore it once. With shipping each dress was under $140 bucks. I figured if it didn’t work out I could always wear it around the house or chop it into a cocktail dress, but luckily it worked and I could save my funds for a vacation.

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