Small outdoor spaces

Small spaces can be tricky to furnish and decorate, but with the right colors and furniture choices you can turn a once dingy balcony or patio into a special space for relaxation and entertaining. When revamping a small space, first look at the space available, the electrical outlets you have to work with, and eye sores you may want to mask. Your next step is to choose what type of vibe or theme you want out of your small space. Just because you have a tiny balcony that barely fits a chair and tiny grill doesn’t mean it has to be boring. After moving into our house and tackling major home renovations for a year, our tiny balcony was the last thing on our mind. After all we rarely used it and it didn’t have much space for more than 3 people. One hot summer day I finally quit procrastinating and turned my small space into a cozy outdoor office I could write, eat, and hang out with friends comfortably. I originally wanted to line the balcony with giant pillows and pillar candles, a low table to end on, a bit of a Moroccan feel, but my husband pointed out the negatives. Rain, wind, bugs, etc. I was still determined to do something a bit different than just a table and a chair. I wanted a lower table for eating, and we needed some sort of blind for privacy from our neighbors who like to chain smoke and loiter to the left of us. One hot summer day I managed to whip my balcony into a new living space in under four hours and for under $175 bucks. I went to a furniture leasing store just to see if they had anything similar to my vision. To my luck when I walked in there was a sheek wooden glass coffee table, with two black leather ottomans that slid under for storage. It also came with a giant side table, all for the price of $50. Apparently there was a tiny bit of damage on the table, a little sanding and paint fixed, but what did that matter, this was an outdoor table. I scored a bright green fold out chair at Walmart for $12, and two large palm plants for $10 each. I got some extras at the dollar store, bamboo floor mats, vases, fake flowers, and candles. I finished off the space with securing a grey fabric shower curtain that serves as a privacy curtain. The water repels off of it, and it can easily be taken down for winter and summer thunder storms. I simply hammered in a few nails matching the shower curtain holes and voila! Perfection. I tack in the bottom corners for added suppport. I now have a cozy place I can drink my morning tea and work from home outdoors on warm days.


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