Say good bye to urinary track infections once and for all

There is nothing worse than that instant feeling, oh no…something is just not right! Urinary track infections can give you a rude awaking at the worst times. While some ladies are lucky to only get them once in a blue moon, others like myself are unfortunate to get them on a more regular basis. Depending on the location of the infection, UTIs can have different terms: Bladder infection, Urethra infection, and Kidney infection.

The causes of UTIs can range from

  • Sex
  • Holding your urine in too long
  • Diabetes
  • Pregnancy
  • Kidney stones
  • Irritating panties and tights

The most painful part of having this irritating nuisance was waiting for the doctor’s appointment to get an antibiotic. Most of the time the infection would either go away completely yet leave me with an annoying yeast infection. Other times it would linger then come back and hit me harder. I didn’t like the fact I was relying on prescription medicine and my immune system was weakening. I then had the opportunity to try what I call a miracle all natural solution, D-Mannose. Blended with pure cranberry extract into a powder form I mixed it twice a day into an 8 oz cup of water. I couldn’t believe the difference. Within 12 hours my symptoms were subsiding, and within two days I had no more signs of an infection. I have had 70% less infections in the past two years since treating my recurring infections with D-Mannose. The cranberry extract creates a slippery shield within the lining of the track system preventing bacteria from sticking to the walls causing UTIs. I chose the brand New Roots Herbal, which has a fantastic reputation of quality control and testing of all ingredients. For daily maintenance you can also take cranberry supplements. The supplement will have a higher concentration of the berry extracts and no added sugars or juices.


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