Natural makeup


This is a throw back photo, but an example of using natural tones for a clean every day look. I blot a small amount of a light tinted moisturizer across my fast and dust with Clinique Super double powder in Matte Honey. This light / medium tone has a touch of red undertones which works well for my skin tone.

I brush a small amount of bronzer on my upper cheekbones.

I fill in my eyebrows with Cover Girl espresso click up liner. I’ve been using this liner religiously for over 15 years since I accidentally shaved off my brows by mistake. (My best friend was borrowing my tweezers)

I base my eye lid and brow with a neutral cream base, then accentuate my brow bone with a medium shade of brown, for some extra kick you can add a layer of a shimmer brown. I carefully line an extra thin liquid line across the top of my eye lids, and finish off with Loreal Voluminous Mascara. I tend to stay away from bright lips and use a neutral shade then top it with a gloss.






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