Best face bar ever!

Although I am loyal to some beauty products, hence I’ve been using the same mascara religiously since i was 12, I love trying new products. When it comes to my skin type I’m lucky it is a pretty simple medium complexion/ combination skin. Sure if I slather on layer of heavy makeup and cream I might get a breakout, but for the most part it’s a blank canvas for experimenting with new products. I’ve never had a daily regimen per say for my facial care. Noxema, Dove Bar, a little Clinique in between, toss in some samples from magazines, whatever works. It all seemed to work. It wasn’t until my husband bought me a whole box of Sibu products to try did I fall in love with the brand. Sibu specializes in Seabuckthorn products. A tiny little berry that grows in a small region in Northern China and Russia. Seabuckthorn carries many health and beauty benefits. It has natural occurring vitamin E, sterols, natural UV protectors, and antioxidants. After using this beauty bar for one month I was hooked. My skin actually looked healthier. There was a natural glow to it, less dryness, and it didn’t cause breakouts. The beauty bar has gentle exfoliates, and creates a nice sud of bubbles. Needless to say not only am I hooked, but I have to hide it from my husband. You can find it online at and natural health food stores. For $6.95 it is a beauty product that goes the distance.

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